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Thank you for your interest in our training courses. Course descriptions and their cost can be found on the "Courses by Chuck Taylor (ASAA)" and "Courses by Massad Ayoob (MAG)" pages - at this time space is available in all courses. The "Overview and Staff " page provides a short explanation as to who we are and why we offer the specific training we do. Information on the location of range, equipment, etc. can be found on the "Frequently Asked Questions" page. For a published perspective on our training from Combat Handguns magazine click here.  

We are scheduled to add "Simunitions" scenario based training to our 2014 classes and will post details when available.

To enroll in a course simply follow the instructions on the "Course Enrollment Form" page. When we receive your application we will forward information on local hotels, specific equipment requirements, directions to the range, etc. If you need additional information on classes feel free to call between 7:00 PM & 9:30 PM Monday through Thursday. While here take a minute to look over our Special Savings below.

FYI Connecticut has passed legislation which places severe restrictions on the ownership of firearms and magazines. Students from out of state can, usually, still bring their handguns to CT to attend our courses but magazines with more than a 10 round capacity can no longer be brought into the state. Depending on availability over the next several months, we will have loaner magazines available for Glock 17 & 19, M&P 9, XD 9 & 45 and/or these handguns for loaners. AR-15s and most other semi-auto rifles are also banned from entering the state.

As we choose not to live where our rights have been so shredded, we will be relocating to a more gun friendly state in the near future and 2014 will be the last year we will be able to offer the full range and number of courses in CT that we have in the past. This does not mean we are abandoning the cliental or range that have supported us over the past two decades and a selective number of courses will be offered in the coming years.

If you live in the southeast (KY, TN, GA, NC, SC, etc.) or even TX and think your area would be a good place to relocate to tell us why, we are open to suggestions. Obviously there needs to be a rentable range available that allows the type of shooting we teach and has reasonable fees. The area must be within  an hour drive of a population center large enough to provide students but a little on the rural side. Tornados sort of scare us so if they are common in your area don't call. Obviously there are other considerations, such as how restrictive the gun & carry laws are but those are easy for us to research.

 Please note - From June 9th through the 22nd we will be taking the first of what will probably be numerous trip throughout the southeast looking for a suitable area to relocate to. If you are interested in attending our June 3 Day ASAA class enroll early.

As we do not wish to support, directly or indirectly, state governments that restrict our rights to own firearms or related equipment, we will neither purchase nor recommend the products of companies located in those states. We will also inform those companies that we would willingly pay a 5% surcharge on their products for a 5 year period to help them recover their relocation expenses to a gun friendly state  – beginning after their move. “545”


Military Discounts - All individual active duty members of the Military and National Guard receive a 25% discount on all training classes in Connecticut. 

ASAA/MAG Discount - We firmly believe that anyone who owns a handgun for self-defense needs the training provided by both ASAA's 3 day Defensive Handgun Course and MAG/40. As attending these two classes in the same season is not inexpensive, if you do we will deduct $100 from the total tuition. We also offer a special 7 day version of the two at an even greater savings. Details are on the Ayoob page.

Refresher Courses
- ASAA, LFI and MAG graduates who would like to brush up their current skills can repeat a class they have graduated from (classes must be 2 or more days and Tactical Handgun Seminars are excluded) for half price. The catch is we may put you to work helping out in target changes and/or helping a class member learn a specific technique and no certificate is issued

Member Discounts - Members of either the Coalition of CT Sportsmen or Massachusetts based GOAL receive a $15.00 discount on all two day or longer training classes and we'll send a donation of the same amount to the Coalition/GOAL.


ASAA instructors are available for private or group instruction. If you would like to organize an ASAA class in your area (a good way to finance your own training) contact us for rates and available dates.


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