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Reference Material


The following materials are copyrighted. They are intended for the personal use of our clients and potential clients and may not be further disseminated. By clicking on the links to them you agree to abide by these terms and limits of use.

Be Discreet ...Avoid A Fight by Massad Ayoob
An article on Defense Associates as well as both the advantages of an instructor knowledgeable of local shooting related events and why avoidance of a conflict, if reasonably possible, is always the best action.

Fundamentals of Defensive Handgunning by Chuck Taylor
An overview of the subject including selecting appropriate training and equipment as well as basic tactics, concepts/guides depending on the circumstances, for use if a fight seems eminent.

Don't Let Your Training Kill You by Chuck Taylor
"Some Common Sense Observations on the Myths & Realities of Weapons & Tactics Training" - The article's subtitle says it all.

On Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs from Lt. Col. Dave Grossman's book "On Combat"
An excellent essay on why some put themselves in harms way to resist evil while others try to deny it exist. This is a page from Grossman's Killology Research Group's website and contains an active link to the site. Among other things, Grossman is an expert on mentally preparing for combat,  what to expect as to physical and physiological effects occurring during a deadly encounter and how to deal with them.

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